LUNA BI was established in 1977, in honor of Sara Luna, the daughter born from Carlo and Silvia, respectively, mind and heart of this company. The continuous research of fabrics and the constant development of the processing techniques by Carlo are the driving force behind the company. Silvia and Paola on the other hand, in the creative part, have managed not to flatten themselves into the banal adhesion to easy models, trying to blend the past with the present, the industry with craftsmanship whose result is a sophisticated and timeless product, designed and created for customers looking for garments that stand out for something special that can not be defined but that make the woman who wears them unique and full of personality.


The LUNA BI woman has a strong and decisive personality but at the same time extremely feminine.
For this reason the lines of the garments under an apparent simplicity hide femininity, a mix of simplicity and elegance that makes a LUNA BI garment suitable for any occasion.


LUNA BI produces its collections entirely in Italy using certified production workshops distributed between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna. For our garments we use natural raw materials and the best yarns available on the market as well as the most advanced technologies for processing them. The production control is constant and guarantees the finished product LUNA BI made in Italy 100%.


Thanks to a short and constantly controlled production chain we are able to distribute our products quickly and in the agreed manner. Furthermore, this allows us to be flexible at the time of supply with regard to the assortment in the different sizes or models, not obliging the customer to certain quantities for each size / model. Our brand LUNA BI has established itself over time and its distribution has grown steadily bringing the creations to over 200 boutiques all over the world and mainly:
Italy, France, China, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Great Britain.